The new Persil TV ad ‘A Persil Story Of Togetherness’, featuring two young girl neighbours trying to get their parents together, has some cute music courtesy of The Heart Strings. Plus some bit at the end about ‘New Persil dual action capsules…’ :)

“I’m the tree and you’re the swing,
You’re the salt and I’m the pepper,
I’m the kite and you’re the string,
things are always great when we’re together …”

If you wanna hear some other cute stuff, try out our songs ‘Gravy’, ‘Little Star’, ‘Bluebird’, ‘Pedalo’, ‘Glitter’. And sign up to our mailing list to be kept abreast of some more beautiful tunes to be released soon!


Happy summertime everyone! Here’s a nice chilled vibey number that I produced & mixed for Paul Cook and The Chronicles. My own songs are in a bit of a huff that they’re not getting recorded whilst other people’s tunes are getting my attention – but it’s been great fun collaborating, and with summer hols coming up I’ll be able to catch up on the new Heart Strings stuff. Bye for now.
Todd :)


While you’re gazing at the sky and longing for some new Heart Strings material to soundtrack the spring sunshine …. have a listen to a tune I just arranged and produced for the mighty talented Paul Cook and The Chronicles – a sprightly corker called ‘Radar’. It’s a reworking of the original song from his ‘Volume 2′ album, and accompanied on his new EP by 2 other lovely songs … all well worth a listen

Radar, by Paul Cook & The Chronicles
from the album The Radar EP

There’s nice sleeve artwork but I flunked the embedding process and it all came out a bit wonky. Oh well : )


Happy New Year everyone! So, I’ve piled up a mountain of lovely songs since the release of our last album, and I’m thinking … some of them might sound better with a different singer!

I’m looking for female voices (soft dreamy vocals in the vein of Lyla Foy/ Lily and Madeleine/ Melody’s Echo Chamber – not Janis Joplin/ Beyonce!), and any guys who have nice voices who can can sing high and rise above a din without being rocky (Beach Boys, Bastille, Guillemots, Passion Pit etc … not Kings Of Leon). And I’ll sing the low-ish softish stuff.

Ideally someone who lives in London so you can join us for gigs, but hey, if you’re the other side of the world with your own recording gear and your voice fits perfectly with a song, it could still be cool to have you on a track.

So if you or anyone you know is up for it – please email us at
[email protected] with a link to a demo of your voice, and maybe scribble a bit about yourself too. Spread the word! These songs need to be recorded!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Todd and The Heart Strings posse

singers wanted


“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw


Update: The Heart Strings are currently hoarding songs, building a recording studio, collecting random vintage mics, and discovering ‘circuit bent keyboards’. Mood: Optimistic : )


Hello all! Just wanted to let you know about our new B-sides and lost tracks compilation album ‘Songs That Got Lost In The Clouds’, comprising five never before released songs, two much loved b-sides, and the original mix of Try Fly Blue Sky favourite Kids.

Available to download now from Bandcamp. No email address needed, just pay what you want (£/$0.00 or more) and download instantaneously. Easy as pie. Just click here. Woo!

Lots of Love
The Heart Strings


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